New CD: “Resal” by Gansch & Roses

I’m pleased to announce that the new CD from Thomas Gansch (from Mnozil Brass) and his ‘other’ group, Gansch & Roses, has just been released. It’s entitled “Resal” and is on Schagerl Records, a subsidiary of Schagerl Instruments in Austria. It is currently available from Schagerl’s Online Store (all in German, sorry…) or here.

Once Amazon/iTunes links appear, I’ll update this post.

The music is an eclectic mix of jazz styles and includes Thomas’ “Der Rock des Trompeters – A Tribute to Bill Chase” which has become a YouTube favourite. That and a couple of other tracks comprise what we affectionately dubbed “The Trumpet Porn Suite” 😛

The line up is:
Trumpets: Thomas Gansch, Bryan Davis, Adam Rapa
Trombone: Johannes Herrlich
Saxes: Florian Trübsbach, Klaus Dickbauer
Fender Rhodes: Oliver Kent
Bass: Uli Langthaler
Drums: Mario Gonzi