“Keep On Keeping’ On” Now Available on iTunes

I was delighted to see that the recent documentary feature about Clark Terry, “Keep On Keeping’ On” has been made available to rent and buy on the iTunes store. To my shame, I didn’t have an opportunity to see it during it’s limited theatrical release, late in 2014. I just downloaded and watched it and it exceeded my expectations! What a beautiful film!!

This is a truly uplifting movie, which deserves to be seen as widely as possible. I encourage everybody to go and buy a copy of their own. It’d be a pleasant change to see something like this topping the film charts, rather than the typical Hollywood nonsense. Plus, you can bet that CT would get the biggest kick out of it!!

Let’s share this far and wide and see if we can bring it to greater public attention!


Reminder: Germany/Austria – Oct 1-7, 2014

One week from today, I’ll have just landed in Germany. There are 3 notable events while I’m in Germany and Austria for the week – a concert at the Wartburg Festival, in Eisenach, DE; then a workshop and concert in Mank, Austria. Check the linked post for all the details. Places are going fast for the workshop, in particular, so be sure to reserve yours today! Hope to see you there!!

…und jetzt auf schlechte Google-Deutsch:

Eine Woche ab heute, werde ich nur in Deutschland gelandet. Es gibt 3 bemerkenswerte Ereignisse, während ich in Deutschland und Österreich für die Woche – ein Konzert auf der Wartburg-Festival, in Eisenach, DE; dann eine Werkstatt und Konzert in Mank, Österreich. Überprüfen Sie den verlinkten Beitrag für alle Details. Plätze sind schnell gehen für die Werkstatt, insbesondere, so sicher sein, bestellen Sie schon heute! Wir hoffen, Sie dort zu sehen !!