A Busy Weekend in Prospect

Just wanted to drop in with a quick update since, thankfully, I have a busy weekend ahead and won’t have a chance to post again until early in the week. I have been planning the next couple of episodes of my podcast and hope to have at least one posted by the end of next week. Sorry for the delay.

This weekend I’ll be travelling to and from Rhyl, in North Wales, and Great Yarmouth. On Saturday I’m filling in with the Pasadena Roof Orchestra at their concert at Bodelwyddan Castle. On Sunday, I’ll be playing with Barry Robinson’s orchestra at Potter’s Leisure Resort, backing Bobby Davro and Kenny Lynch in their Rat Pack tribute. Who’d have thought I’d be found playing Rat Pack tunes!?!

Back with more in 600 miles time…..

Bryan Davis Podcast Now Live!

I’ve now finished recording, and have uploaded, my first podcast episode. This post serves, as well as anything, as a test to see if it all now works as expected.

In the first episode, I give a brief introduction and then talk about “backing off” to make trumpet playing a bit easier.

Please have a listen and send me a message with any feedback. I’m well aware that I burble my way through it a little – this recording was entirely unscripted and off-the-cuff. Hopefully I don’t sound too incoherent!!

You can subscribe to the podcast using the following URL: http://www.bryandavis.info/feed/podcast/