UK Lesson Opportunities – March 2023

I’ll be back in the UK and available for trumpet lessons/workshops etc from March 2-9, 2023. The schedule is still to be finalized, but it looks like I’ll be in the London area on March 2nd-3rd, then again on the 8th or 9th. I’ll be up north in between, unless I’m needed elsewhere – happy to travel as necessary!

Please contact me through or DM on whichever social network you read this on and we’ll find a time for you!

3 thoughts on “UK Lesson Opportunities – March 2023

  1. I notice you say you are in the uk just now and going North I am in Edinburgh as a returning lapsed player who would be interested in a lesson

    • Hi Malcolm. Unfortunately, you’re my only request from Scotland so far, so I haven’t planned to venture that far north on this occasion. I’ll be back later in the year and I’ll try to organize a little more ahead of time.
      In the meantime, Skype/Zoom lessons are always available and we won’t be hampered by geography!

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