August 9, 2017 – Bryan’s Brass Player Surgery

Following some rescheduling of students, this morning, I find that tomorrow – Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – is, unusually, a completely free day with no lessons booked! Since this is, happily, a fairly rare occurrence for a weekday I thought I’d offer up the time for a “Brass Player Surgery“.

Here’s how it works:
I’ll be keeping Office Hours of 10:00AM to 6:00PM EDT. Rather than my usual “first lesson” slot of 2 hours, I’m offering the chance for anyone, whether they’ve taken a lesson with me or not, to book a lesson of as short as half an hour. (You can also book a longer lesson if you wish, in half hour increments.) These lessons can be conducted either in person at my home studio up here in Upper Manhattan, or on Skype. This is strictly on a first come, first served basis and open not only to Trumpet Players but to any Brass Instrumentalist. We can work on any technical or musical aspect of playing that you choose. I also have a small stock of my “Combination Drills” books, in both Treble & Bass Clef versions of both Volumes 1 & 2, available for purchase.

Pricing: $40 (USD) per half hour, $75 per hour. (90 mins – $115; 2 hours – $150 etc)

To set up a time, please visit my Contact Page and send me a message via the Contact Form, or if you’re reading this on Facebook you can send me a PM there.

For Skype lessons, payment must be made before the lesson. Please provide your Skype username in your message and then visit to make your payment.

For In-Person Lessons, payment can be made at the lesson by Cash or Venmo, or you can use the PayPal link above. I’m located at W147th St & St. Nicholas Avenue in Manhattan, directly off the A, B, C & D subway trains. The precise address will be provided in by email.

Remember: this is first come, first served! Get booking and I’ll hope to speak to you tomorrow!

(If you wish to book for another day, we can do that too. However, standard details as found on the Teaching Page will apply.)

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