Today’s Activities – Oct 3, 2014

Safe to say that today is a busy one!

This afternoon, from 1pm – 4:30 (1300-1630!) I’ll be presenting my workshop at Musikschule Mank. It’s not too late to come by! The ticket price is €35/20 (Activ/Passiv) – the Activ includes a ticket to the evening concert!

This evening, I’ll be playing Lead Trumpet and a couple of features with the RK Musik big band at their Frank Sinatra Tribute Concert in Stadtsaal Mank, at 19:30.

That’s the public events! Also, I’ll be playing a promo recording/video shoot, this morning, for a new project for 2015: The FireHorns. Then, of course, there’s the requisite rehearsal/Soundcheck between the workshop and the concert. It promises to be a long but fun day! Chops don’t fail me now….

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