Welcome to the new website: BryanDav.is

It’s Launch Day!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 1.02.40 AM

Following the preview, the other day, I’m happy to say that my new website is now ready to be unleashed upon the internet! The first important thing to note is that it has a new address – BryanDav.is! Don’t worry, though; any bookmarks you’ve made to the old BryanDavis.info site should resolve here too, or at least the page should be easy to find, if you run into an error page.

There are still a few content updates to be made, but this is now the hub for my online activities. People reading this post after finding it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ will notice that as a pattern from here on out: my aim with the new site was to create a place where I can post just once and have it hit all of those services automatically. I was becoming frustrated with the amount of extra time it was taking to triple post every piece of information I wanted or needed to share with my audience. There is more important stuff to be done; not least practicing, teaching and performing!!

Please take a look around and leave a comment below with your feedback. I look forward to seeing what everybody thinks about my new online digs!!


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