The Website Revamp Is Almost Finished!

I’ve been saying for some time that this website is long overdue for a redesign. The previous incarnation (still temporarily available on a separate domain) has served me well for over 5 years, which is a long time on the internet, but has been showing it’s age for a while! This revamp has taken some considerable time to finish, principally because I’ve (happily) been so busy with other projects, both in music and web development; my ‘other’ job, as it were. The site you are now looking at is the result of this process, and is very nearly complete.

There will be some additional tweaks to be made, particularly to the way it looks for mobile devices with smaller screens, but for devices with larger displays (computers, tablets etc) it should be in pretty good shape!

Please take a look around. Comments will be enabled in the next day or so, so you will be able to leave any feedback when they are. Comments are now enabled, so you may leave feedback if you wish. There is already a “soft launch” announcement post on my Facebook Page – you can also comment there, if anything seems really broken.

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