Austria Tour Update – November 2012

Further to the previous post about my trip to Austria, I’m pleased to be able to add a number of other gigs! The schedule is now as follows:

  • November 1: Rehearsal!
  • November 2: Gansch & Roses, somewhere in Styria
  • November 3: Gansch & Roses, somewhere in Niederösterreich
  • November 4: Jazz BigBand Graz @ GMD (GeneralMusikDirektion) in Graz — “Urban Folktales”
  • November 5: Jazz BigBand Graz + NÖ Tonkunstler Orchester @ Festspielhaus,  St Pölten — “Dangerous Liaison”
  • November 6: Jazz BigBand Graz + NÖ Tonkunstler Orchester @ Musikverein,  Wien — “Dangerous Liaison”
  • November 7&8: Rehearsals!
  • November 9: Wonderbrass @ Porgy & Bess, Wien
  • November 10: Wonderbrass in St Ulrich

More details are on the Schedule page.

There are also a couple of other possibilities I’m still working on but it seems most likely I’ll be arriving in Austria on October 30th and heading home on November 12th. Why is this important? If you are interested in booking a trumpet lesson or clinic/masterclass while I’m over in Austria, now is the time to let me know so I have a chance to schedule with everybody who is asking. Please send me an email if you are interested. I will be back in contact with everybody who has asked so far, as soon as I have my final rehearsal schedule from the various groups I’ll be performing with.

I hope to see many of my friends in Austria at one or other of these shows! Bis bald…

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