June 2011

June sees a welcome return to the UK, the first since my emigration to the States. I’m very much looking forward to seeing family and friends. I’ll be predominately based in Cleethorpes, at my parents’ place, from June 7-14 but am open to offers, if anybody finds they could use me for a gig elsewhere.

The one gig I do have on the books is at Grimsby Jazz in Thursday, June 9th. We will be reprising the so-called “Quarter to Four” band that proved so successful a few summers ago. So called because of a last minute mix up, on the day of a supposed Grimsby Jazz gig with a different band; the replacement group was finally settled at 3:45pm! It will be a great pleasure to play with Pat McCarthy (guitar), Piero Tucci (piano/saxes) and Tony Burkill (tenor sax) again. Rounding out the band this time will be Ken Marley (bass) and John Perry (drums). It promises to be a good night!

There are some lesson spots available, while I’m in the UK. I will likely be visiting friends in Leeds on Sunday, June 12th and can be elsewhere as the situation dictates. Please check the Teaching page for details and drop me a line if you’re interested. Skype lessons are always available, as well, as when I’m in NYC. However, the smaller time difference may make them more viable for interested students in Europe – I know that can make scheduling a headache sometimes.

On the subject of lessons, I must offer my apologies for the current absence of the Store on my site. If you would like to organize a lesson, please drop me a line and I can send you a PayPal link to prepay your Skype (or in-person) lesson. The store will be fixed shortly.

Enjoy your summer!