Bus Chatter

The bus is home today – much as it has been for the past few days, and will be for the next. For the next 7-8 hours, we will find various ways to entertain ourselves. Before movie time, much of that will involve sleeping or conversation.

It’s fascinating to hear the discussions going on around this mobile room at 8:30am. Music is one topic of conversation, of course, in one corner, but other subjects range from home improvement to classic literature to the basest of humour.

This kind of thoughtful diversity is one of the great things about being in the company of other musicians. It’s hard to know if an audience fully appreciates how communicative an experience it is to play in, and as, an ensemble. The discourse off the bandstand is an extension of that, and is something I always treasure.

Then, as the fervour of recent caffeination subsides, it quietens in here. Time to plug in the headphones, read or take a nap. Or perhaps all three. We have all day…