New Trumpet!

My new trumpet was delivered this morning. It is the new Jupiter XO 1600i – the Roger Ingram Signature model. Nobody’s more surprised than me that I’ve chosen a Jupiter horn but this model plays so much better than I imagined!

I had a chance to try one a couple of weeks ago when Roger, himself, passed through NYC on his summer teaching tour. He was kind enough to hang out for a little over an hour and play test the Lacquer and Silverplate Jupiters he had with him, along with my Yamaha 8335LA. We both agreed that the Jupiter sounded just as good overall, and better in the extreme upper register, while being easier to play. I feared it was going to be tough to track one down, but I got lucky last week and was able to order one for immediate shipping.

I’ll post more observations about it in the coming weeks. Meantime, I should go play it some more!