Breaking Radio Silence

Just a quick post – as usual, it’s been far too long since the last. Life here in NYC has been continuing apace as ever. I’ve been keeping busy in the past few weeks helping out over at, updating sites and working on some other projects. It’s a fun gig which allows me to exercise the technical side of my brain while also still affording me practice time; I work mostly from home – it is online work, after all.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve also been teaching, both online and off-. In addition, I’ve actually been playing occasionally as well! I’ve been rehearsing with Bill Lee and his Natural Spirit Orchestra for an upcoming concert, and I even got a call for a salsa gig a couple of weeks ago. Much fun was had!!

Things are, as I expected, still a good deal quieter than they might have been, had I stayed in England but, given the recent political machinations there, I think I’m better off out of harms way. The phone is starting to ring so it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be playing more regularly again.

I’m still planning to be back in Austria with the LACJO in August, and I’ve just heard from Thomas Gansch to confirm some dates with him in late October/early November! Adam Rapa is planning to be back with us too, so that’ll be an extra fun trip!

Meantime it’s back to practicing and coding! Among my projects is a planned redesign of this site – more about that, and everything else, soon….