Austrian Return

Bryan will be returning to Austria in September, although not with the band he initially expected! He has had to put in a substitute for the Lower Austrian Concert Jazz Orchestra tour in late September and October because of his impending emigration to the USA. For the tours in Austria and China(!) this Autumn, the lead Trumpet chair will be filled by Roger Ingram! If you’re going to fix a sub, you might as well fix a good one!

Then, just as the LACJO tour was sorted out, Bryan ran into his dear friend Thomas Gansch on a Mnozil Brass date in Durham, UK. Thomas invited him to come back for a spell with his band Gansch & Roses for their concerts and recording dates in mid-September. So, Bryan will be back to visit his Austrian friends for a last hoorah, and a couple of weissbiers, before the big move.

The dates are in the Calendar; the concerts are on September 11th in Frankenfels and the 15th at Porgy & Bess in Vienna, with the Studio recording in between. Please come on out and see a concert and say hello!

Edit: Some lesson times will be available while Bryan is in Austria – certainly time will be available on September 15th before the concert at Porgy & Bess in Vienna. If there is sufficient interest in lessons or a masterclass, it may be possible for Bryan to organise his travel plans to spend an extra day or two in Vienna. Please contact Bryan very soon so this can be arranged.