Trumpet Party 2009

I had a great time visiting Noordwijk, Holland for the Trumpet Party 2009, this past weekend. I was there purely as a spectator as the featured artists included Eric Miyashiro, Roger Ingram and Lee Thornburg. I’d not previously had the opportunity to hear Eric or Lee live – this was not a chance I intended to miss.

The event itself was on Sunday but the day’s activities commenced with a workshop by Roger Ingram, at lunchtime, so I headed to Noordwijk on Saturday. Having found my way to my hotel, I discovered that Eric Miyashiro was also playing that night at the Meer Jazz Festival in Hoofddorp, a suburb of Amsterdam. I got back on the bus and headed back in that direction. Not only did I have the chance to see Eric play, backed by the excellent Holland Big Band, but I also ran into him before the show and had a chance to meet him. He’s a very nice guy and invited me to hang out in the dressing room with the band before and after the gig. He also arranged for me to catch a ride with him back to Noordwijk afterwards which saved me an expensive cab fare! The gig itself was fantastic – Eric guested on 5 or 6 tunes with the band and played his ass off. Included were Maynard Ferguson favourites “Theme from Star Trek”, “Fox Hunt” and “Maria”. He also played tunes from his own albums – his own ballad arrangement of “Gonna Fly Now” and an uptempo roarer called “Kick Up”. He demonstrated why he’s regarded as one of the few guys on the planet who successfully pay musical tribute to Maynard Ferguson!

On the Sunday in Noordwijk, the festivities began with Roger Ingram’s workshop/masterclass. Despite having studied privately with him during the past couple of years, I still found new stuff to learn in the workshop context; most pertinently how cacophonous it is when 45 people all buzz their mouthpieces at once!! Joking aside, it’s always a revelation to watch Roger teach – he has so much information to impart and can do remarkably clearly, even when there are 45 students rather than just one!

The Trumpet Party concert followed in the afternoon. It was attended by approximately 400 people and we were treated to some tremendous music. Apart from Roger, Eric and Lee Thornburg, notable contributions also came from John Wallace, Frits Damrow, Jan Wessels and many others. Rather than my trying to describe too much of it, I suggest you check it out for yourself on YouTube. Many highlights have been posted and can be most easily accessed via this playlist.

Following the concert came the After Party. Although primarily for performers and staff at the Trumpet Party, there were a limited number of tickets available for audience members too. I was fortunate that the event organiser, Marcel Schott, invited me to come along. Over dinner and drinks, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Lee Thornburg, whose playing I’ve admired so much for many years. Also, I had the chance to hang out with Eric Miyashiro some more and also John Duda, of Calicchio Trumpets, who I met at his workshop in Tulsa last November. Roger Ingram spent much of the evening teaching lessons but joined us briefly later on. I was pleased to have the chance to get Eric, Lee and Roger together for this photo.

TrumpetParty 2009 - The After Party

L-R: Eric Miyashiro, Roger Ingram, BD, Lee Thornburg

The rest of the evening proceeded as one might expect for a room full of Trumpet players; we drank too much and closed the bar! I had a great trip to Holland, met some great people and heard some great music! Roll on the next Trumpet Party….