Site Redesign/Updates etc

We’ve finally finished the new redesign of – now it’s 8th incarnation! There were several problems with the previous design; mostly due to the fact that it was only supposed to be temporary following the accidental erasing of v6 during a WordPress upgrade. There are several new features we’ve been waiting to add for some time and they will be unveiled during the next few days. There has also been some rearranging of content – e.g. Photos, Videos and the Discography can now be found in the Media section, and the Guestbook is now a subpage of the Contact page. We hope you can still find everything you are looking for. If there are any major problems with the rendering of the design/layout please help us to fix them by letting us know! You can email us at webmaster at (of course putting the @ sign in the appropriate spot!) – it is most helpful if you can let us know whether you are using a Mac or PC and which web browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc), as well as the nature of the problem.

Among the new features we are adding is the new Teaching section of the site. There will be details on the services Bryan Davis offers; private lessons, clinics/workshops etc, as well as the new Online Lessons service. Bryan is available to teach one-on-one lessons via webcam – saving the need for you to wait for him to visit your city!! There will also be a Resources section featuring extensive links to Musicians, Manufacturers etc, articles and online communities where you can keep up with the latest in the Brass world. All the details will be available very soon.

In addition, Bryan will also be adding a Podcast – the first episode is just about to be recorded. This will feature his thoughts on a number of subjects related to music and trumpet playing, as well as audio and video clips. If there are any subjects you’d like Bryan to talk about, then please contact him and let him know. He will blog more about this in a forthcoming post – another new section we’ve added! He’s promised to stop by with a new post before he heads out to Austria on the LACJO tour at the end of the week – look out for that.

We hope you like the new site. Once again, any feedback will be welcomed at webmaster at