May ’08

Bryan is continuing the Rat Pack – Live from Las Vegas UK Tour throughout May. However, he will be taking some time off towards the end of the month to head back out to Austria with Thomas Gansch and his band; Gansch & Roses. They are playing 4 dates in various parts of Austria, including one at the magnificent Porgy and Bess Jazz Club in Vienna, and a performance at the Schagerl Brass Festival 2008. Please check the Schedule for more details.

Bryan will also have a free day in Vienna and is available for lessons/clinics, as he is during the continuing Rat Pack tour. If you are interested, please check the Schedule for the dates and contact him to set it up.

You may notice some strangeness with the website over the next few days as we tweak the new design which is now online. If you notice anything weird or broken (columns not lining up etc) please send an email via the Contact page with details of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) and operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux) so we can go on a bug hunt!!