The Munich Experience

I’ve just returned from our stint in Munich with Dancing In The Streets. It’s been a lot of fun, despite the gig in the evening! The highlight of Munich for me, despite the beautiful architecture and interesting places to visit, is catching up with all the fine musicians there who I’m proud to call friends. There are a whole gang of great Trumpet players in town who, in particular, always welcome me as part of their community. I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Nemanja Jovanovic, Florian Jechlinger, Rich Laughlin, Thomas Bendzsko, Gabriel Keogh, Omar Kabir and last, but definitely not least, Dusko Goykovich. It’s always really entertaining to hang out with Dusko because he’s really lived the Jazz life and has all the stories to go with it. Having lived in New York in the 1960s he’s met/played with so many of the greats of this music.

Another great pleasure in Munich is always visiting the excellent Jazz Clubs there. My favourite remains the Unterfahrt. Both Sundays during our visit, the DITS band were in full effect at the Jam Session there – the perfect way to unwind after 2 shows! It was great to see the guys cut loose and (really) play following the routine of the show. A particular pleasure for me was the playing of pianist Mike ‘Junior’ Guy – a really fine Australian player who’s settled, at least temporarily, in London. We were also lucky that our Baritone player; Dave Ledingham, chose to document much of these sessions on his video camera. We already have a few clips up on YouTube with more to follow as I have time. Here’s my favourite:

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