Gansch & Roses Tour Dates

I just heard from Thomas Gansch about the final dates for the short tour we’re doing in Austria in late April/early May with his band; “Gansch & Roses“. They are:

  • 28th April – Lofer (7pm)
  • 29th April – Gutenbrunn (8pm)
  • 30th April – Porgy & Bess, Vienna (8pm)
  • 1st May – Horitschon (7.30pm)

If you’re nearby any of these places then come and check it out!

A Different Gig!

I was delighted to receive a call from my old friend Thomas Gansch the other day. Thomas is a fine trumpet player from Vienna, Austria who I got to know during numerous visits to the Jam Session at the wonderful Porgy & Bess Jazz Club there. He was calling to invite me to go and play with his band; Gansch and Roses; on their short tour at the end of April.

I checked out some of their stuff on YouTube and it really should be a lot of fun. Not only will it be a different gig from my normal Rat Pack escapades but a really interesting and challenging one at that. I’ve added the dates to my schedule and will confirm more details of the venues as I’m told them! If you’re reading this from Austria then try and come out and see us!

Schedule Update

I’ve just updated the Schedule page with the Rat Pack dates until July. We seem to have quite an extensive UK tour on the go! There may be some changes as the year goes on – I’m hoping to be back with the Andy Prior Big Band on some of their dates during the year and also with The Allied Big Band on their summer dates accompanying Peter Dinsley.

It’s been great to back with the UK band for our week in Belfast this week. It’s so much easier when you don’t have to worry whether people know what’s coming next or not!! We play Glasgow’s Theatre Royal next week before the return to the USA – we’ll see how the band is in Nashville!