1. Live at Birdland – May 7, 2023
    "Live at Birdland – May 7, 2023"Arturo O'Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra
  2. Let’s Play – Super Mario Bros. LIVE with FULL ORCHESTRA!
    "Let’s Play – Super Mario Bros. LIVE with FULL ORCHESTRA!"The 8-Bit Big Band
  3. Big Blue
    "Big Blue"The 8-Bit Big Band
  4. Zelda’s Lullaby
    "Zelda’s Lullaby"The 8-Bit Big Band
  5. Super Mario Bros. – Salsa Big Band
    "Super Mario Bros. – Salsa Big Band"The 8-Bit Big Band
  6. I Am Impact! from Mystical Ninja
    "I Am Impact! from Mystical Ninja"The 8-Bit Big Band
  7. Athletic Theme from Yoshi’s Island
    "Athletic Theme from Yoshi’s Island"The 8-Bit Big Band
  8. God Bless The Child
    "God Bless The Child"Blood Sweat and Tears
  9. Silver Bells
    "Silver Bells"Ten of the Best & Friends
  10. Mumbles
    "Mumbles"Ron Wilkins/Becca Patterson Big Band
  11. Sevivon
    "Sevivon"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  12. Hard Hearted Hannah
    "Hard Hearted Hannah"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  13. Lover Come Back To Me (2016 Edition)
    "Lover Come Back To Me (2016 Edition)"Mike Longo's NY State of the Art Jazz Ensemble
  14. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
    "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"#TeamChuck
  15. I Wanna Be Where You Are
    "I Wanna Be Where You Are"#TeamChuck
  16. District of the Blues
    "District of the Blues"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  17. Tee Pee Time
    "Tee Pee Time"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  18. It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)
    "It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  19. But The World Goes Round
    "But The World Goes Round"Charlie Rosen's Broadway Big Band
  20. Ground Blues
    "Ground Blues"Greg Ruvolo Big Band
  21. It’s Alright With Me
    "It’s Alright With Me"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  22. It Don’t Mean A Thing (2015)
    "It Don’t Mean A Thing (2015)"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  23. MacArthur Park 2014
    "MacArthur Park 2014"Ten of the Best & Friends
  24. Bist Du Bei Mir
    "Bist Du Bei Mir"Ten of the Best & Friends
  25. Gonna Fly Now/Maria Highlight Reel
    "Gonna Fly Now/Maria Highlight Reel"RK Music Big Band
  26. ‘Nena’ Rehearsal
    "‘Nena’ Rehearsal"
  27. All Of Me
    "All Of Me"Schagerl Brass Festival All-Star Big Band
  28. Zog’s Jog
    "Zog’s Jog"Schagerl Brass Festival All-Star Big Band
  29. Benno’s Blues
    "Benno’s Blues"Schagerl Brass Festival All-Star Big Band
  30. Always & Forever
    "Always & Forever"Schagerl Brass Festival All-Star Big Band
  31. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You
    "I’m Getting Sentimental Over You"Schagerl Brass Festival All-Star Big Band
  32. Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue
    "Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue"Schagerl Brass Festival All-Star Big Band
  33. ‘Stablemates’ rehearsal clip
    "‘Stablemates’ rehearsal clip"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  34. Eager Beaver
    "Eager Beaver"Brooklyn Jazz Orchestra
  35. Intermission Riff
    "Intermission Riff"Brooklyn Jazz Orchestra
  36. It Don’t Mean A Thing
    "It Don’t Mean A Thing"Eyal Vilner Big Band
  37. Just A Weekend
    "Just A Weekend"Mike Longo's NY State of the Art Jazz Ensemble
  38. Really It’s Wagner
    "Really It’s Wagner"Ten of the Best & Friends
  39. Wagner’s Mas Que Nada
    "Wagner’s Mas Que Nada"Ten of the Best & Friends
  40. Brazil Wedding
    "Brazil Wedding"Ten of the Best & Friends
  41. In The Streets of Harlem
    "In The Streets of Harlem"Ten of the Best & Friends
  42. Mother, Where Are You?
    "Mother, Where Are You?"Ten of the Best & Friends
  43. Harlem Nocturne a la Esquivel
    "Harlem Nocturne a la Esquivel"Mr Ho's Orchestrotica
  44. Cheek To Cheek
    "Cheek To Cheek"Mike Longo's NY State of the Art Jazz Ensemble
  45. MacArthur Park
    "MacArthur Park"Ten of the Best & Friends
  46. In The Spirit of Lester Bowie – EPK
    "In The Spirit of Lester Bowie – EPK"Horst Michael Schaffer's Flying Brass Circus
  47. Birth of the Blues
    "Birth of the Blues"Horst Michael Schaffer's Flying Brass Circus
  48. Lover Come Back To Me
    "Lover Come Back To Me"Mike Longo's NY State of the Art Jazz Ensemble
  49. Andalucia
    "Andalucia"Mr Ho's Orchestrotica
  50. Harlem Nocturne
    "Harlem Nocturne"Mr Ho's Orchestrotica
  51. Birk’s Works
    "Birk’s Works"Mike Longo's NY State of the Art Jazz Ensemble
  52. Take The A-Train
    "Take The A-Train"Mr Ho's Orchestrotica
  53. Stardust
    "Stardust"Artie Shaw Orchestra
  54. Der Rock des Trompeters 2009
    "Der Rock des Trompeters 2009"Gansch & Roses
  55. Italian Folk Song
    "Italian Folk Song"Gansch & Roses
  56. Ramona
    "Ramona"Gansch & Roses
  57. Little Big Band (2009)
    "Little Big Band (2009)"Gansch & Roses
  58. Grafenegg Compilation, Part 2
    "Grafenegg Compilation, Part 2"LACJO
  59. Grafenegg Compilation, Part 1
    "Grafenegg Compilation, Part 1"LACJO
  60. Mambo Bongo
    "Mambo Bongo"La Gran Descarga
  61. Catch Me If You Can
    "Catch Me If You Can"La Gran Descarga
  62. Der Rock des Trompeters (Premiere!)
    "Der Rock des Trompeters (Premiere!)"Gansch & Roses
  63. Little Big Band
    "Little Big Band"Gansch & Roses
  64. Days of Brass – Schagerl Brass Festival 2008
    "Days of Brass – Schagerl Brass Festival 2008"
  65. Alone Together
    "Alone Together"
  66. A Night In Tunisia
    "A Night In Tunisia"

"Let’s Play – Super Mario Bros. LIVE with FULL ORCHESTRA!" — The 8-Bit Big Band

October 8th, 2018Share | Tweet

The entire first two worlds of gameplay from Super Mario Bros. for the NES with music accompanied LIVE by a full sized jazz big band, orchestra, and choir! All sound FX performed live on drum pads! Featuring George Salazar on the controller!

Featuring all musical themes from Super Mario Bros re-orchestrated in styles such ranging from Swing, Fusion, Classical, Mambo, Strauss Waltz, Rock, Metal, Stravinsky, Burning Up-tempo, and more!


The 8-Bit Big Band is a full sized Jazz/pops orchestra that formed to celebrate and realize some of the best musical themes written from various video games from all consoles!


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The 58 members of The 8-bit Big Band: Let’s Play Live:

Conductor/Arrangement/Orchestration/Bandleader – Charlie Rosen

Nintendo Entertainment System – George Salazar

Harp – Lianne Cline
Flute – Mira Magrill
Oboe – Steve Lyon
Bassoon – Jenice Rosen

Alto Sax 1 – Andrew Gould
Alto Sax 2 – Josh Plotner
Tenor Sax 1 – Sam Dillon (solo on world 2-3)
Tenor Sax 2 – Zac Zinger
Baritone Sax – Andrew Gutauskas

Trumpet 1 – Bryan Davis
Trumpet 2 – John Lake
Trumpet 3 – Gabe Medd (solo on world 1-2)
Trumpet 4 – Danny Jonokuchi

Trombone 1 – Alex Jeun
Trombone 2 – Jimmy O’Connell
Trombone 3 – Mariel Bildsten
Trombone 4 – Becca Patterson

Violin 1 – Katie Kresek (CM), Tomoko Akaboshi, Lavinia Pavlish, Frederique Gnaman, Mary Jo Stilp, Emily Gelineau
Violin 2 – Kiku Enomoto, Sita Chay, Kevin Kuh, Ally Jenkins, Ellie Goodman, Erikka Walsh
Viola – Tia Allen, Elise Frawley, Will Marshall, Sarah Greene
Cello – Alon Bisk, Marta Bagratuni, Susan Mandel

Piano – Natalie Tennenbaum
Guitar/Tres – Charlie Rosen
Bass – Adam Neely
Drums – Jared Schonig
Mallets – Sarah Tompkins
Congas/Bongos/Hand Perc – Wilson Torres
Roland SPD 1 – Jamie Eblen
Roland SPD 2 – Josh Bailey

Sopranos – Danielle Gimbal, Kate Bullock, Jane Kivnic, Grace Choi
Altos – Gracie Nash, Ashley Sweetman, Badia Farha, Jane Bruce
Tenors – George Slotin, Vanjah Boikai, Troy Burton, Josh Greenblatt, Sommer Carbuccia
Baritones – Sean Switzer, Josh Page, Keith White

Directed by Hunter Bird
Recorded at The Power Station NYC
Engineered and Mixed by John Kilgore
Mastered by Alan Silverman – Arf Mastering
Shot and edited by Halleloo Creative