Juan Andrés Ospina Big Band

  1. Tramontana
  2. Todavía no
  3. 102 Fahrenheit
  4. Like Someone in Love
  5. Recuerdos de un reloj de pared
  6. Ver llover

Sam Hoyt (US), trumpet
Jonathan Powell (US), trumpet
Bryan Davis (UK), trumpet
Guido Gonzalez (Cuba), trumpet
Michael Fahie (Canada), trombone
Matthew McDonald (US), trombone
Malec Heermans (US), trombone
James Rogers (US), bass trombone
Hadar Noiberg (Israel), flute
Alex Terrier (France), soprano sax/alto sax
Uri Gurvich (Israel), alto sax/flute
Linus Wyrsch (Switzerland), tenor sax/clarinet
Justin Flynn (US), tenor sax/clarinet/
Carl Maraghi (Canada), baritone sax/ bass clarinet
Carolina Calvache (Colombia), piano (#1, #3, #4, #5)
Nicolás Ospina (Colombia), piano (#6)
Juan Andrés Ospina (Colombia), piano (#2)
Nadav Remez (Israel), guitar
Andrés Rotmistrovsky (Argentina), electric bass
Marcelo Woloski (Argentina), percussion
Petros Klampanis (Greece), upright bass (#5)
Franco Pinna (Argentina), drums (#2, #6)
Ronen Itzik (Israel), drums (#1, #3)
Dan Pugach (Israel), drums (#4, #5)
Magda Giannikou (Greece), accordion (#5)
Sofia Ribeiro (Portugal), voice (#1)
Lucia Pulido (Colombia), voice (#6)

SPECIAL GUEST: Paquito D’Rivera (Cuba), soprano sax (#2)

Produced by Juan Andrés Ospina
Co-produced by Magda Giannikou
All arrangements written by Juan Andrés Ospina
Big band conducted by Juan Andrés Ospina
Nicolás Ospina, musical production assistant

Christopher Allen, chief recording engineer
Owen Mulholland, assistant engineer
Jeremy Loucas, mixing/mastering engineer
Photos by Stella K and Rafael Piñeros
Silvia Ospina, artwork and design
Andy LaViolette, video direction and editing

Recorded at Sear Sound Studios, New York (US), January 7-9 2017

Magda Giannikou’s accordion in “Recuerdos de un reloj de pared” recorded by Tom Beuchel at Flux Studios (New York, US)

Lucia Pulido’s vocals in “Ver llover” recorded by Diego Márquez at Fábrica de Éxitos (Ciudad de México, México)

“Tramontana”, Juan Andrés Ospina Big Band’s debut album, will be released in April 20 2018. The album was recorded between 7 and 9 of January 2017 at the iconic Sear Sound Studios (New York) with 26 incredible musicians from 10 different countries, and among them is the 14-times Grammy awarded saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera. The album, produced by myself, features 6 arrangements I wrote for big band (four of which are also original compositions of mine). It was co-produced by my friend and Greek producer Magda Giannikou, and it also features my brother Nicolás Ospina, Colombian singer Lucia Pulido and Portuguese singer Sofia Ribeiro. It was mixed and mastered by Grammy awarded engineer Jeremy Loucas, and all the videos coming with its release were filmed and edited by another Grammy awarded artist, director and filmmaker Andy LaViolette. Here are a couple of videos from the Kickstarter campaign through which we funded the album’s production, and some great pictures taken at the recording session taken by Stella K.

A big project to which we have all worked very hard and much love, and which I am really happy to share with you very soon. I will keep you posted with all the news regarding the album’s release! Thanks for listening and watching 🙂

Juan Andrés

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