Sing a Song of Ashton

NYJO and the Vocalists

Stanza Music (STOB 003)

Disc 1:
  1. Looking Forward
  2. Looking Back
  3. Who's Blue?
  4. If You Should Change Your Mind
  5. The Heat of the Moment
  6. I Wasn't Looking for Love
  7. Thought I'd Ask
  8. You'd Think I'd Learn
  9. Over and Over Again
  10. I Thought I Was Through with Love
  11. Times Were
  12. Why Don't They Write Songs...?
  13. Needs Must
  14. That's That
  15. Gasbag Blues
  16. But Me No Buts
  17. Nobody's Perfect
  18. I Have Been Here Before
  19. Paris is for Lovers
Disc 2:
  1. The Deflated Bounce
  2. A Way with Words
  3. Let's Settle Down
  4. Stop Kidding Yourself
  5. Accident Prone
  6. New in London
  7. No Flowers By Request
  8. I Was Hoping
  9. Wait and See
  10. Someone
  11. Another Always
  12. You Were Marvellous Darling
  13. London
  14. Don't Try and Argue with Me
  15. Give Up
  16. It's Over
  17. Rose Room
  18. Much Too Much
  19. Don't Go to Her

This double-CD set features 38 of Bill Ashton’s songs he wrote during his 46 years as founder and director of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO). Featuring 14 of NYJO’s singers starting in 1975 and including Jacqui Hicks, Sumudu Jayatilaka, Sheena Davis, Carol Kenyon, Kim Leslie, Lorraine Craig, Sarah Ellen-Hughes.

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