Live From New York!

Mike Longo & the NY State of the Art Jazz Ensemble

Consolidated Artists Productions (CAP1041)

  1. Whisper Not
  2. Afro Desia
  3. Yoko Mama
  4. Over The Rainbow
  5. I'm Old Fashioned
  6. Muddy Water
  7. Inner City Hues
  8. Wee

Trumpets: Bryan Davis (lead #2-4, 6-8; solo #1), John Replogle (lead #1), Chris Rogers (solo #3, 6, 8), Waldron Ricks (solo #2, 7)
Trombones: Sam BurtisNick FinzerNick Grinder, Earl McIntyre
Saxophones: Bob Magnuson, Lee Greene, Frank Perowsky, Mike Migliore, Matt Snyder
Piano: Mike Longo
Bass: Tom Hubbard
Drums: Mike Campenni

featuring Ira Hawkins – vocals

Recorded live at the Baha’i Center NYC, on Tuesday, July 23rd 2013.

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