Eyal Vilner Big Band

  1. Prelude
  2. Maoz Tzur
  3. Sevivon
  4. Oh Chanukah
  5. Mi Yemalel

Eyal Vilner – alto sax, clarinet, shofar, conducting, arrangements (solo: track 2)
Vocals: Tamar Korn, Martina DaSilva, Vanessa Perea (track 4)
Itai Kriss – flute (track 3)
Jay Rattman – alto sax, clarinet, flute
Bill Todd – alto sax, clarinet, flute
Evan Arntzen – tenor sax, clarinet (solo: track 3)
Daniel Pearson – tenor sax, clarinet, flute
Eden Bareket – baritone sax, bass clarinet
Bryan Davis – lead trumpet, shofar
Andy Gravish – trumpet
Wayne Tucker – trumpet (solo: track 5)
Jim Seeley – trumpet, shofar
Stuart Mack – trumpet
Matt Musselman – trombone
Becca Patterson – trombone
Max Seigel – bass trombone
Jack Glottman – piano
George DeLancey – bass
Erán Fink – drums

Pictures by Efrat Kariv and Naama Raban
Special thanks to Michael Perez-Cisneros and Alex Haley for the recording, Yael & Vadik for the design, to Mika Orr for some special videos to come, to Neta Silbiger and Hanna Griff-Sleven for all the help!

The Eyal Vilner Big Band’s 3rd release, Hanukkah, offers a new and original way to celebrate the beautiful repertoire of the traditional holiday songs. The music was arranged in a unique blend of traditional jazz and swing music, Middle Eastern rhythms and the Brazilian Choro. The band is joined by a vocal trio in the Boswell Sisters style and by flute magician – Itai Kriss!

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