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Win A Free Trumpet Lesson! (2015 Edition)

Similar to around this time last year, I have a contest running on my Facebook page, at the moment, as I work to increase the ‘fan following’ over there. The lucky winner will receive a free 1 Hour Trumpet Lesson. This lesson can take place in person, should the winner be located here in New York City (or in a city around the world that I currently have plans to visit, in the next little while), or Online via Skype.… Read More →


Online Lesson Request Form Back Online – Includes Gift Options

When I revamped and relaunched the website, earlier in the year, there were a few things still to be finished before they could be added to the new version. Chief among these was the Online Lesson Request Form, which has just been re-added to the now-updated Teaching page. The new version of the form has an extra feature: the facility to purchase Trumpet Lesson time as a gift; added just in time for the Holidays!!… Read More →

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